Classroom Consultations

Classroom consultations are available to teachers who have attended Pyramid Model training and would like support in using strategies in their classroom. Feedback and supports are tied to Pyramid Model strategies and have the goal of reducing challenging behavior and supporting students’ social emotional learning.

Teacher coaching begins with a 30-90 minute observation where the consultant completes an observation of teacher practices and student behavior. The teacher completes his/her own self-reflective assessment on teaching practices. After both tools are complete, the consultant and teacher sit down and discuss target areas, set goals, and action plan. Follow-up observations and conversations can be completed in person or remotely through FaceTime or BlueJeans. The teacher will receive an iPad for the duration of the coaching process and have access to a Google Drive with additional resources.


Step One: A center director, teacher, or other childcare professional will contact Tennessee Voices for Children requesting a consultation.

Step Two: The Early Childhood Program Coordinator will contact the teacher to discuss a questionnaire which will be used to assess the desired outcomes of the consultation process.

Step Three: A Coaching Agreement will be provided for the classroom teacher to complete.

Step Four: Once the questionnaire and Coaching Agreement are completed a classroom observation will be scheduled. The observation will range from 30-90 minutes, and it will focus on the overall classroom. If challenging behavior is observed during the initial observation, the Program Coordinator will follow-up with the center to schedule an additional observation focusing on the specific behavior.

Step Five: Following the classroom observation, a report including the summary of the observation and the suggested strategies will be sent to the teacher and center director within three days.

Step Six: The program coordinator will follow-up within one to two weeks to assess the helpfulness of the suggested strategies. If the strategies have been successful, then the process may be discontinued after a post-questionnaire is taken. If the strategies have been implemented, but no change has occurred, a second observation will be scheduled, and the process will continue.

If you would like to request a classroom consultation, please complete and submit the form below.