Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation

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The Early Childhood Consultation Services are designed to offer strengths-based support to promote the social/emotional development of children birth to eight in Tennessee. Consultation services are available for professionals working with children with persistent challenging behavior. Consultation services are focused on building the capacity of caregivers through observation, strategy development, coaching, training, and positive behavior planning to promote inclusion and to mitigate challenging behavior.   

There are multiple consultation options available:  

  1. Classroom-Wide Consultations/Coaching 

Classroom consultations are available for teachers who would like support in implementing Pyramid Model strategies classroom-wide. Classroom consultations utilize the Practice-Based Coaching model which is a cyclical process based on a collaborative partnership between the teacher and coach.  

  1. Child-Specific Consultations 

Child consultations are focused on supporting an individual child in the classroom environment. Parent/Caregiver consent is required before beginning child-specific consultation services. The consultant will partner with the teacher, site director, and family to develop and implement an individualized behavior support plan. Child-specific consultations are dependent upon classroom-wide implementation of the Pyramid Model and other evidence based social emotional learning practices. 

**In-Person or Virtual consultation services will be determined on a case-by-case basis.