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In 2018 TN Voices was awarded a federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (SAMHSA) grant for a Statewide Family Network that will respond to children, youth, and young adults with SED and their families in the Northeast TN Appalachian area. The grant provided funds for a three-year period to develop a model for replication in other rural areas by increasing the capacity to implement, expand, and improve effective family-driven mental health services with respect to their culture, traditions, and beliefs.  

In 2021, TN Voices was awarded another 3-year grant to use those practices learned and expand to all rural areas across the state; Tennessee Voices Rural Family Network (TVRFL). 

The TVRFL will ensure that families are transformation catalysts of culturally responsive and family-driven mental health and related child and family service systems across TN through cooperative partnerships between rural family members, policymakers, service providers, family organizations, targeted resources, and linkages with non-rural stakeholders in the mental health arena.

The project will: 

  • Develop a network of family and organizational leaders with systems change management capacity that reflects the culture, traditions, and beliefs of rural TN.  
  • Increase family-run initiative participation in systems change.  
  • Provide leadership training for families and youth.  
  • Increase family organization and leader skills and collaboration within and across programs, providers, and policymakers.  
  • Facilitate rural family representation in state and/or local planning and policy development workgroups.  
  • Develop training that increases the capacity of the systems of care, community partners, and families to create and sustain a family-driven approach.  
  • Reduce stigma, bias, and superstition of mental illness and associated services that interfere with the utilization of networks of services and support to families and their children.  
  • Increase family capacity to access mental health services and utilize support in their community to make informed decisions on behalf of their children and youth within rural TN.  
  • Establish Regional Mental Health Information Centers to assist families in understanding, accessing, and advocating for needed services.   

TN Voices looks forward to the expansion of services and supports across rural Tennessee.  

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