Survivor Connection

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About Survivor Connection

This program provides high-quality intensive services that directly improve the health and well-being of victims of crime with priority given to victims of Adults sexually abused/assaulted as children, Sexual Assault, Physical Abuse/Neglect, Family/Domestic Violence, Hate Crimes, and Survivors of Homicide Victims. We intend to respond to the emotional and physical needs of crime victims, assist to stabilize their lives after victimization, assist victims in understanding and participating in the criminal justice system and provide victims of crime with a measure of safety and security.

Participation is free and voluntary to individuals/families.  A support specialist will provide support and teach individuals/families to advocate for themselves and utilize both formal and informal support in the community.

Eligibility & Service Areas

Survivor Connection provides services to all 95 counties in the state of TN. The Survivor Connection Program cannot provide services to individuals living outside of the state. There are no age limits or requirements for this program.

*Additional information will be collected to determine final eligibility for enrollment in services.


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