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At TN Voices, we believe that emphasizing lived experience and peer support for those we serve can produce individuals who become advocates for themselves and others in life. Our Family Support Specialists and Peer Support Specialists use their first hand experiences to offer mental health support services. TN Voices strives to empower communities through effective training and education that leads to improved ability to meet mental health needs. Our staff offer numerous trainings for parents, caregivers, and professionals.
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Young Adults

TN Voices offers programs that are young adult focused, such as the Tennessee Healthy Transitions Initiative. TNV is able to partner with young adults and other agencies to provide formal and informal peer support, supported education and employment, support groups, care coordination, as well as the Statewide Young Adult Leadership Council. We strive to empower young adults to use their voice to create change and decrease stigma within their communities.
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TN Voices recognizes the critical importance of mental health services during the youth and adolescent years. We offer free and voluntary mental health screenings to youth in Tennessee emphasizing prevention and early intervention.
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TN Voices utilizes evidence-based practices and approaches to promote social emotional competence in young children. TNV collaborates with families to provide training, support, and resources to strengthen the family unit.
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