Tennessee Move Initiative

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What is the Tennessee Move Initiative?

The primary purpose is to successfully transition identified individuals to community based housing by providing short-term intensive support services; our partnering Community Mental Health Centers will develop, implement, and monitor this Initiative’s programming. In direct partnership with the state owned regional mental health institutes, the local teams will ensure individual, family, and housing provider support while connecting and coordinating with natural and formal supports within the individual’s home community.

Essential Functions of Tennessee Move Initiative Local Teams:

  • Work closely with state hospital staff to engage long-term individuals ready for discharge
  • Work in close collaboration with treatment provider to coordinate care
  • Assist in securing benefits and resources
  • Work in collaboration with state hospitals in securing housing if needed
  • Connect to community resources (Peer centers, Psychosocial, Supported Employment, etc.)
  • Coordinate care with all providers (case manager, therapist, prescriber, etc..)
  • Provide 24/7 support to the individuals, their families, and housing providers
  • Work with community providers in moving individuals to a more independent levels of living