FAST Program

The FAST Program

The Family & Adult Solution Treatment Program (FAST) evolved from the increased needs families expressed for support and coping during the pandemic. Based on strengths this family driven program is here to support children, youth and families struggling to navigate complicated systems and access services. This is done through family peer support. Family Support Specialists draw on their lived experience to serve and support children and families facing challenges associated with emotional, behavioral, or mental health needs.

The FAST program offers weekly support from a Family Support Specialist (FSS.) The FSS provides support and advocacy, models how to build collaborative relationships with providers, assists in navigating systems and connecting with necessary services, facilitates the care coordination.

The FSS provides weekly support and advocacy virtually and in the home, models how to build collaborative relationships with providers and assists in navigating systems. The FSS also assists in care coordination, connecting families with necessary services and facilitating the development of the goals the family wants to accomplish.
Children, youth, and families are eligible for services through the FAST Program.
• Services are provided in selected counties in middle and east TN
• Services are provided at no cost of families
Families are supported in learning trauma informed approaches in developing/increasing coping skills

Support in learning new or expanding parenting skills
The FAST Program is designed to be a temporary intervention to increase the opportunity for stabilization. The average length of services target is 4-6 months.
Participation in the FAST program is voluntary. Consistent participation and willingness to have at least weekly contact with a Family Support Specialist is crucial to successfully meeting goals and graduating the program.
In order to assist youth/families with accessing/navigating needed services it may be necessary for Family Support Providers to make referrals to service providers outside of TN Voices for Children. Referrals to outside services will be made only when the youth and parent/legal guardian have given their prior written consent.