Common Sense Parenting

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Common Sense Parenting (CSP) is a parenting program that can be applied to every family.

The program's easy-to-learn techniques address issues of communication, discipline, decision making, relationships, self-control and school success.

Common Sense Parenting classes help parents:

    • Build strong, healthy relationships
    • Correct and change problem behavior
    • Minimize problems that disrupt family life
    • Raise responsible, caring children
    • Communicate effectively
    • Avoid power struggles
    • Control your emotions
    • Balance discipline with affection
    • Praise a child’s good behavior

Professionally trained parent trainers teach the course band, provide instruction, and consultation band support.

Early studies examined CSP results based on parent and family characteristics. Results indicated improvement in child behavior, parent attitudes, family satisfaction, and parent problem-solving ability. Additionally, CSP participants reported statistically and clinically significant reductions in child behavior problems that were maintained at a three-month follow-up.

A recent evaluation of CSP was completed as part of a research project and in collaboration with the Center for At-Risk Children’s Services at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Participants, many with significant risk factors, were referred to the CSP program through various sources. Results revealed statistically significant increases in positive parenting beliefs and practices, and reductions in parenting stress and parent-reported child behavior problems.