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The Statewide Family Network will respond to children, youth, and young adults with SED and their families in NE TN Appalachian area. The grant provides funds for a three-year period to develop a model for replication in other rural areas by increasing the capacity to implement, expand, and improve effective family-driven mental health services with respect to their culture, traditions, and beliefs.


Goals address four areas of need:

Leadership: Address inconsistent and weak leadership across the NE TN and rural TN through a stronger network of family and organizational leaders with management capacity that reflects the culture, traditions, and beliefs of the target population.

 Partnership/collaboration: Align with the need for enhanced opportunities and stronger partnerships and collaboration within and across the system with policy makers and service providers.

 Stigma reduction: Focus on the stigma and superstitions from culture, traditions, and beliefs encountered by rural TN families and their children and will facilitate more inclusive approaches to service delivery and family support.

 Access: Address the need for navigation skills for families to ensure they can access necessary services across the system of care and make informed decisions on behalf of their children and youth through improved access and support.

COVID-19 Resources

Each day there are a multitude of resources and links shared on social media and through various organizations on COVID 19. We make every attempt to pull together the most relevant and share them so you do not need to search. We hope this will help you as you and your family deal with this new era of sheltering, home schools, and health crisis.

May 4, 2020


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