Young Parent Outreach and Support

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The Young Parent Outreach and Support Program is a strengths based and family driven program that supports young parents in understanding the effects of toxic stress and the importance of safe, stable, nurturing environments and relationships.

A Family Support Provider (FSP) works in the home with young parents and caregivers to identify strengths and needs and build necessary skills to help foster healthy child development and build resiliency. The FSP utilizes lived experience to support young parents through their personal knowledge and facilitates care coordination within the community to connect parents and caregivers with other supportive services for both the child and the adult.


Families who are eligible for the Young Parent Outreach and Support Program include:

  • Young Parents/Caregivers and children living in Sumner, Trousdale, and Macon counties AND
  • Young Parents (ages 14-25) who are pregnant and expecting before June 2019 OR
  • Young Parents/Caregivers (ages 14-25) with young children (birth- 8 years old)

Parents and family members are an integral part of the service system at all levels.  Young parents will receive needed supports on all levels, including parenting skills training, and therapeutic skill-building with the family, in school support, and other needed services as identified.  Specific training events in each community regarding social and emotional development, Building Strong Brains and strategies to work with young children and young parents will also be available for providers.


To make a referral, please contact Elizabeth Ball, Clinical Director at 615-269-7751, ext. 109 or