The Networker Newsletter, 2010

2010 Features

Quarter 1: Children’s Mental Health Week, TVC’s involvement with The Day on Capitol Hill and Children’s Advocacy Days, program and employee news, and a Youth Spotlight. Everything will be managed by a new free invoice maker to give the records of the financial matters of each activity or event.

Quarter 2: Highlights from Children’s Mental Health Week programs across the state, K-Town’s “Advance” Meeting, youth activities, employee updates, and much more.

Quarter 3: TVC’s busy Youth in Action Councils, Farewells to programs and staff, and a special edition segment centered on TVC’s Appreciation Night, in which we honored all of those who strive to improve the lives of children and their families.
Quarter 4: Tennessee Coalition for Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services’s 2011 Position Paper, Youth Happenings, K-Town’s Kickoff, staff and program updates, and much more.

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