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Attachment Issues with Foster Children

The training has been developed to assist DCS case managers, foster parents, relative caregivers, and school staff in understanding how secure attachments relate to a child’s physical, emotional, and social well-being. This information is based on best practice information from the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, National Institute of Mental Health, and the Center for Adoption Research.

Disruptive Behaviors With Foster Children

This training has been developed to increase the awareness of DCS case managers, mental health and social services professionals, foster parents, relative caregivers, and school staff of the behavioral, emotional, and mental health issues that often contribute to disruptive behaviors with foster children. The training provides specific strategies for adult caregivers to provide consistent and clear expectations and redirection to foster children exhibiting increased and difficult behaviors.

Using System of Care Philosophy and a Child and Family Team Approach to Serving Families

This training has been developed to educate professionals working with children with behavioral, emotional, and mental health issues and their families in developing systems of care that enables family to maintain their child in a community setting.

Working With Families of Special Needs Children

The target audience for this training is school staff, mental health and social service professionals. The training provides information on the needs of families with special needs children, how to recognize the strengths in those families, and to build effective partnerships with those families.

Working with Special Needs Children

This training provides an overview of the most common emotional and physical disabilities for children, strategies for working with these children in the classroom, working with families and caregivers to develop and implement safety plans and medical care plans in the classroom, and websites for teachers and parents to obtain information on services and resources. The training was developed in collaboration with Family Voices of Tennessee.

Working With Birth Parents

The purpose of this training is to increase the skills of Department of Children Services case managers, foster parents, and mental health and social service professionals to engage and support birth parents when a child has been placed out of the home.  This training focuses on understanding the birth family’s significance in their child’s emotional and physical development, cultural diversity, positive communication and working with the birth family to maintain healthy attachments for a child placed out of the home.