Parent 2 Parent Advocacy Training

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Parenting is a difficult task and raising a child with mental health needs can be overwhelming, even for experienced parents. Parent-2-Parent is a program facilitated by parents who have successfully accessed the mental health, judicial, and educational systems to support their own child. They are committed to sharing their journey and increasing your knowledge, helping you learn to effectively advocate and support your child as well as support other parents in your community.

Parent 2 Parent Advocacy Training is a 14-16 hour course for caregivers to become volunteer advocates for other parents. The training provides the following information:

  • System of Care Values
  • Wraparound Philosophy
  • Mental Health Disorders and Effects
  • Finding Resources in Your Community
  • Special Education and 504
  • Individual Education Plan (IEP)
  • Juvenile Justice and Mental Health
  • Effective Advocacy for Families Under Stress
  • How to Run a Parent Support Group