Outpatient Counseling Services

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Outpatient Counseling Services

Counseling can benefit your life in a practical and profound way. Leading your best life through commitment to counseling can sometimes be a financial challenge. To assist you in leading a successful future, Tennessee Voices for Children offers cost-adjusted therapy through access to our graduate level counseling interns who are directly supervised by an approved, licensed clinician.  Our interns are committed to fulfilling the mission of Tennessee Voices for Children through various therapeutic interventions.

Potential Benefits of Counseling

-Improved communication and interpersonal skills
-Greater self-acceptance and self esteem
-Greater ability to change self-defeating behaviors
-Better expression and management of emotions
-Improved problem solving/conflict resolution abilities
-Ability to manage stress effectively

We provide counseling services for children (4+), adolescents, young adults, parents, caregivers, and families. If you are interested in working with our graduate level counseling interns, please contact us as (615) 269-7751 or (800) 670-9882.

*Payment must be received at time of service.